About Us

Vin Bouquet, Nerthus, and NerthusBottles belong to a young company, created in 2008 by two young and experienced entrepreneurs in Asturias, Spain, with the aim of innovating in the market as traditional as that of wine accessories.

Our first product, the Electric Corkscrew, attracted the attention of thousands of consumers eager for innovation, while giving a breath of fresh air to the sector. Our company was awarded for it in 2010 with the Prestigious “Madrid Fusion - Design and Technological Innovation” Award.

That was our beginning and launch, and the fact that has led us today to have a portfolio of more than 400 products dedicated to wine, beer, cider, and kitchenware.

Among them, national and international patents support our growth and commitment to R&D.

Later, we were again awarded in 2016 with the “Gift of the Year” Award in the Kitchenware category.

Vin Bouquet, Nerthus, and NerthusBottles are currently present in more than 45 countries across five continents, from Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania.

We have a young and dynamic team, but with extensive professional experience in international companies, which helps to